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Law x reader Crossing paths
No sound was floating in the air, save for the scratching of a pen on paper. Simply another day of the week, another day of work. Tattooed fingers swept down, a pen still resting in between them, as a puff of air was forced from pale lips. His other hand reached up, lifting a cup to his lips. A soft slurp of his sip could be heard only by him. Upon closing his eyes, Law nearly moaned in delight as the liquid travelled down his throat. Under half-closed lids, stormfilled eyes gazed upon the piece of paper hanging in front of him. “15th.” He muttered to no one in particular. With quick movements, Law turned around, walked past his desk where he left his mug and strode out of the room. Rolling up his sleeves, he walked past many other people, not bothering to remember or recognize any of their faces.
“Doctor!” Someone cried out. A female, Law deducted upon the high pitch of the voice itself. He halted his steps, already getting annoyed by the delaying disturbance o
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 29 5
Mature content
Kid x reader x Killer Feline problems 2 (Lemony~) :icondarkodama:Darkodama 22 15
Mature content
Killer x reader His profession 13 :icondarkodama:Darkodama 15 4
lawxreaderxkid Catproblems 15
Both pairs of cats stayed with their own owners. Kid and Law were hissing from one side of the car as Levi and Loki were hissing from the other side, leaving you and Ace in between them. Hoping for them to stop, you started to scratch the red and black balls of trouble behind their ears. Hissing was now mixed with soft purring as the both of them started to enjoy the new attention they received. (e/c) eyes slid over to the two cats on the other side of the car. They looked from cat to cat and finally to you. Their eyes squinted, slits narrowing upon the sight of you and your own felines.
With a loud growl as a battle cry, two black felines jumped over Ace’s legs, into your lap. Your hands raised your little balls of problems in the air just in time before Levi and Loki knocked them over against the window. Not long after, a set of groans filled the car after their head hit the window. You sighed and dumped your cats in the middle with the white dog. Bepo, first panting of the hea
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 22 4
One Piece A girl of interest (various x reader) 11
Months have passed and the only times you were at the forsaken university was for practice sessions and exams. Kid had asked you many times to come back, just like Perona and Bonney, but you kept telling them you had to have distance a little longer and were concentrating on one study at the time. Heck, you learned more at veterinary medicine than human’s. That choice was easily made. Every day you received texts from them and Penguin and Shachi however, trying to make you feel bad for leaving them out. At the end of every two weeks, however, you would invite them over to a place and they would leave you alone for a little while after. They saw in what state you were before Christmas and know in what state you’re in now. Not half of what you were.
It was almost time for the exams to take away your well deserved sleep as you got a call from Penguin and Ace at the same time. “(y/n)!!”
“Guys, hush. What’s going on?” You asked calmly, trying to eas
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 8 0
Mature content
Dracule Mihawk x reader: Nightly Hunters 9 :icondarkodama:Darkodama 10 0
Mature content
Kid x reader Bruises and bitemarks [Lemon] :icondarkodama:Darkodama 42 13
Killer x Reader A Midnight Walk [AU]
Warning: some swearing at the start.
A story going on for five minutes. Five minutes filled with his words, his twisted story of only negative memories in his eyes. Five minutes filled with only criticism. “And in London, when I was sick the first evening, you never asked whether I was okay or not! You never handed me a bottle or glass of water. I sometimes even think you hate me!” His eyes were hard, cold and distant.
Your eyes squinted as you crossed your arms. You knew he was sick. Hell, how could someone miss his barfing from time to time? ‘I was supposed to give you your bottle of water when we were going to sleep? It was lying right next to you and you expect me to get up, climb out of my loft bed, walk several feet just to grab your bottle mere inches away from you and give it?’ With a sigh, you rolled your eyes at the thought. The young man in front of you was finally done and you uncrossed your arms again.
“Yes? You
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 28 24
Killer x reader Midnight practise
Drops of water hit the wood one by one. Slowly, they slid from the bare arms holding the sword with delicate hands. White lines, hidden mostly by pieces of clothing, peaked from the shoulders. Tense muscles, swinging, sidestepping and balancing the body it owned, lowered the long sword gradually, the tip slowly touching the wooden deck. (h/c) locks swayed in the sea breeze in the darkness of the night, only accompanied by the flicker of the small flame in the lantern somewhere near. Your face was contorted in concentration, brows furrowed and eyes hard.
Chatter of the crew had long died down, each one of them having laid down and snore the night away. Waves hit the side of the ship gently, barely rocking it from side to side. A lone seagull, swaying up and down with every wave that passed, was lit in the moonlight. No dark clouds, no rain to await. Iron scraped the deck, nicking the wood as the tip of the sword dropped down too fast. The stern face cringed at the contact, your mind rep
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 27 17
Law x reader: chanceful meetings pt. 2
The raven haired male has been almost the first thing you would see the weeks that followed the first time. Upon these unplanned meetings, you had learned that Law works as a heart surgeon and lived on his own with a white dog named Bepo. The dog would be housed at a friend’s house, named Penguin, when Law worked and he could only hope the latter would care for his dog better than he did now. Law had rolled his eyes many times when you would mention the situation he was in with his friend and the white Samoyed breed, making you laugh softly as he did. The returning smirk stayed hidden as you quickly turned your head away before he would notice any trace of pink dusting your cheeks.
Several weeks had passed since then. Several weeks without the raven haired male accompanying you on your travels. Several weeks without the complaining, the hidden smiles and soft chuckles. Somehow, it felt cold, empty as you looked up at the door of the bus and still no male in sight. With a sigh, yo
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 22 20
Killer x reader His profession 12
Kid sat next to you, filling your cup once again with black coffee as you sat there, unmoving and head leaning on the wood of the table. Your eyes were closed and soft breathing could be heard, but you weren’t asleep, no, you were thinking quietly. Kid hadn’t said anything for as long as you were in the same room and you had asked for your own cup, just waiting for you to start, to bombard him with questions filling your unravelling mind. Fingers were twitching, your foot dangling in the air as you kicked it up from time to time. A sigh escaped your nostrils and you moved to sit up straight. With your eyes downcast, you grabbed the cup and lifted it to your lips.
The liquid mirrored your own state.
Were you? Were you really?
The porcelain cup clang softly as you placed it back down, your eyes focussed on the black liquid. Half of the cup was empty by now, several sips taken from it. The pricking sensation the coffee had given
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 27 13
Mature content
Trafalgar Law x reader first year anniversary :icondarkodama:Darkodama 34 25
Mature content
Killer x reader His profession 11 :icondarkodama:Darkodama 35 3
Killer x reader His profession 10
White rooms, white covers and almost white lights blinded you as your eyes fluttered open. A groan left your otherwise closed lips as (e/c) irises were quickly shielded from the brightness in the room you were in. A whiff of the scent of flowers slowly crept to you as the curtains bellowed slightly in the soft breeze of the October air. The air was still a little warm, giving way that the day wouldn’t become cold any time soon. Your breath left your lungs as you sighed and tried to lift your arm to cover your eyes. Keyword for tried.
Slowly, the sense of hearing surrounding sounds came back to you as your eyes wandered over to your arm, trying to figure out where you even were. Beeping of a machine filled the air. Your arm was injected with a needle, a bag filled with liquid attached to it, while your other arm was hidden in a white cast. The back of your head ached and throbbed with every movement you made, whether turning your head or simply using your eyes to look
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 31 24
Sabo x reader Cute [AU/OS]
Hands worked to fill cups carefully with the desired beverage. Fingers curled around the pen, swirling as they wrote the letters elegantly. Eyes focused on the cup in front of you as your lips parted for that one question you repeat time after time again. “May I know your name?” The words, former so foreign to you, slipped from your mouth. Working on a Monday morning in rush-hours made you dull your senses. Being yelled at for getting a name wrong before had been ruining your job quite a bit. A girl, around your age had been throwing a fit as you wrote the name of her favourite character wrong at the first try. ‘So what?’ Someone would have asked if they had heard it. ‘It wasn’t even her real name.’ Who would have thought that same girl would demand to speak with the manager only because you questioned her sanity about that same wrongly written name. ‘Khaleesi’. Her paling face as you told her she was already speaking to the
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 47 11
Mature content
Killer x reader His profession 9 :icondarkodama:Darkodama 36 14

Random Favourites

Skulls~ Kid x Reader *Oneshot - Competition*

      You could still feel the fingertips grazing the skin of your arms and cheeks. A sigh leaves your lips, the affectionate gestures at the time had been met with a rather cold look. The fear of another betrayal kept you from giving in to him. Now he was gone. Your eyes narrow at the waters. 
      "Maybe next time I can return it..." Your hands grip the railing unsure. "Maybe..." 
      "Captain, we're here," Your first mate speaks up and you look over in surprise, seeing the island suddenly there. 
      "Oh..." You murmur, glancing at the pier. 
      "Are you okay captain?" She asks concerned.  
     "I'm fine." You murmur going past, down the ramp and to town. You felt so lost, a piece missing from your world. He was okay right? You saw him in the newspaper after some fight you had one. So he must be okay. "Dammit. Why me? Why do
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 197 14
779 by Lao-Paperman 779 :iconlao-paperman:Lao-Paperman 71 16
Survivors pt7~ Kid x Reader

      You follow behind the man swiftly with Kid at your side. Zoro was conversing with the man quietly. You look around carefully and uneasily. Kid takes your hand making you look over at him. He offers a smile and nod. "So... You know this guy?" You ask. The strange man had drove you three to a mansion on top of a hill. Now you walked up the driveway to it. 
      "That's Hawkeyes, or Mihawk, a lone survivor that lives alone. We've traded with him a few times before, even taught Zoro about sword fighting." Kid informs you. You blink and look to Mihawk as he glances back at you. 
       "You're a new face, come from the east?" He guesses. 
       "Yes... ___, is my name." You give him a nod. 
       "Alright, nice to meet you, I'm Dracule Mihawk." He responds before opening the door. You grip Kid's hand tighter as you're led in. "Find a roo
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 73 14
Misjudged pt9~ Zoro x Reader *Final*

     You were happy, truly happy for the first time in a long time. You smile happily watching Light and play Luffy play cheerfully. Zoro sneaks his hand into yours, and you look over as he leans on you a bit. "I love your smile..." He murmurs quietly. You blush and look away with a giggle. 
      "So you two finally together now?" Ace asks with a smirk.
      "Just be warned, ____'s like our sister, if you hurt her we'll come after you Zoro." Sabo rumbles with an intimidating smile. Zoro hugs you at that. 
      "I'll kick my own ass if I hurt her. She doesn't need anymore bullshit." He cuddles his cheek to yours. 
      "Isn't that the truth..." Another voice rumbles and you all freeze, looking over at Smoker. 
        "Smoker!" Light cheers running over to the man cheerfully. Smoker kneels down and puts a hand on Light's head. 
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 114 15
Humour me [AU] Kid x Reader (Pt.2)
A battle roar splits the air and a sword came crashing down on your (f/c) scales. You slowly drift out of your nap, not even bothering to look up or move, as the sword continues to clash against your scales. You blink lazily, your lizard like eyes having some trouble to adjust to the sun. Your pupils shrink as you try to focus on whoever was trying to pick a fight with you. Right before your snout there was a young man with fiery red hair and a great sword, hitting you in relentless attacks. When he noticed your eyes had opened he looked up, growling.
" Good, so you decided to wake up after all, damn lizard!"
Did... did he call you lizard? You furrowed your eyebrows and puffed a cloud of your breath at him, making him grimace and cough.
" Ew, what the fuck was your last dinner? Smells like rotten stuff!"
" You're fricking rude for such a small ant!" you growled, and his eyes grew wider at the deep, alarming sound. He took a few steps back as you raised your head, staring him dow
:iconakazuizuya:AkazuIzuya 46 9
So.. I actually should have done this sooner as I expect this to help me to write and submit more regular every other day. As some of you (my dearest readers) have requested quite some stories along of the way until now, I have put these pairings down below. No idea how I will name these one shots/stories yet, but I still hope it will be enjoyable. Note: This list will shift around and be updated constantly

Current One Shots:

Bullet; Blue Killer x reader

Bullet; Blue Kid x reader Safe you

Future One Shots:

Bullet; Red ?? x reader (prompt by PirateQueenD) (Could become a longer story though)

Bullet; Red Trébol x reader (? requested)

Bullet; Red Pica x reader (requested)

Bullet; Red Gale x Son!reader (requested)

Bullet; Red Kid x child!reader: that damn brat

Bullet; Red Law x reader: (soulmate) fading ink (done)

Bullet; Red Kid or Killer x reader: angel of darkness

Bullet; Red Ace x reader (soulmate) your power, my life

Bullet; Red  Sabo x reader (request) (done)

(Sequel to: 

Bullet; Red Daz bones x reader: Boss' daughter (3? Lemon? requested)

Bullet; Red Law x reader: Dreams to reality (done)

Bullet; Red Kid x Reader: Paralyzed pt. 3 requested

Bullet; Red Feline problems lemon requested

Bullet; Red Chanceful meetings (working on))

Current Series:

Bullet; Orange Mihawk x reader: Nightly hunters

Bullet; Orange Law x reader x Kid: Catproblems (15)

Bullet; Orange Various x reader: A girl of interest (11)

Bullet; Orange Killer x reader: his profession (10)

Bullet; Orange Corazon x reader: return (4 last)

Future Series:

Bullet; Purple Levi x reader: Someone

Bullet; Purple Corazon x reader: Running time

Bullet; Purple Law x reader: A new start (after Corazon x reader)

Possible Future Series:

Bullet; Green Kid x reader: sequel to Bombs, bombs everywhere

Things I Have Vague Ideas For and Would Like to Write Some Time:

Bullet; Yellow Levi x reader

Bullet; Yellow Kuroo Tetsurou x reader: (soulmate?) difficult

Bullet; Yellow LawxReaderxKidxLuffy: college boys

Bullet; Yellow Kid x reader: aviator boy

Bullet; Yellow Kid x reader: that smile

Bullet; Yellow Kid x reader: last dance

Bullet; Yellow Law x reader x Chopper: study-dates

Bullet; Yellow Law x reader x Rosinante: my waiters

Bullet; Yellow Killer x reader: one too many

Bullet; Yellow Law x reader: just a blush

Bullet; Yellow Rosinante x reader: drink up

*Note: if you've asked me to write a story for you and it isn't submitted up here, please comment and I'll fix it.
My document with requests had been deleated suddenly and I lost everything Q.Q

I hope you have some insight in my plans and maybe my thoughts and may like them (hehe..)

Love you all, my dearies~  
Have a nice day ^-^


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