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Mature content
Trafalgar Law x reader first year anniversary :icondarkodama:Darkodama 28 23
Mature content
Killer x reader His profession 11 :icondarkodama:Darkodama 29 3
Killer x reader His profession 10
White rooms, white covers and almost white lights blinded you as your eyes fluttered open. A groan left your otherwise closed lips as (e/c) irises were quickly shielded from the brightness in the room you were in. A whiff of the scent of flowers slowly crept to you as the curtains bellowed slightly in the soft breeze of the October air. The air was still a little warm, giving way that the day wouldn’t become cold any time soon. Your breath left your lungs as you sighed and tried to lift your arm to cover your eyes. Keyword for tried.
Slowly, the sense of hearing surrounding sounds came back to you as your eyes wandered over to your arm, trying to figure out where you even were. Beeping of a machine filled the air. Your arm was injected with a needle, a bag filled with liquid attached to it, while your other arm was hidden in a white cast. The back of your head ached and throbbed with every movement you made, whether turning your head or simply using your eyes to look
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 26 24
Sabo x reader Cute [AU/OS]
Hands worked to fill cups carefully with the desired beverage. Fingers curled around the pen, swirling as they wrote the letters elegantly. Eyes focused on the cup in front of you as your lips parted for that one question you repeat time after time again. “May I know your name?” The words, former so foreign to you, slipped from your mouth. Working on a Monday morning in rush-hours made you dull your senses. Being yelled at for getting a name wrong before had been ruining your job quite a bit. A girl, around your age had been throwing a fit as you wrote the name of her favourite character wrong at the first try. ‘So what?’ Someone would have asked if they had heard it. ‘It wasn’t even her real name.’ Who would have thought that same girl would demand to speak with the manager only because you questioned her sanity about that same wrongly written name. ‘Khaleesi’. Her paling face as you told her she was already speaking to the
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 39 10
Mature content
Killer x reader His profession 9 :icondarkodama:Darkodama 31 14
Law x reader Fading ink [soulmate AU]
He was never one to assume he would have a soulmate, someone that was bound to him. Never was he someone to even consider the one destined to be with him, was let on his own ship, put under his nose and go unnoticed for quite some time. Law furrowed his brows as he saw the tattoos ripple over the muscles of the woman in front of him, training. His gaze recognized the black lines dancing over her chest as she turned to him, eyes closed and fighting with a wooden sword, not to hurt someone else. Her arms swung forward, slashing into the invisible attacker before kicking back, holding her balance as a master in martial arts. Her tattooed fingers curled around the other end of the sword, not to tight, grasping it lightly as a lovers touch for the forbidden fruit it held.
The woman in front of him, (y/n), was a former assassin, paid to kill others. Her hands, coloured in the same black Law wears, were hidden in gloves that time, preventing him from seeing the word she had put there. DEATH.
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 61 22
lawxreaderxkid Catproblems 14
Glass rained down on you and the two cats. The shadow moved back, giving you a little more light to work with. Your hands trembled in disbelieve before they reached up and grabbed the roots of your locks. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” You growled softly, grabbing both cats and make a run for it. The red cat looked over your left shoulder as the black one looked over your right. “Is he still there?” You felt their fur brush against your ears as they shook their heads as an answer. “Then where is he?” You whispered softly, more to yourself than to the cats.
“(y/n)? What was that?” You heard Ace’s voice come from the living room, sounding sultry from sleep. Not looking where you were going, you walked right into said male, his hands resting on your hips to keep you balanced. His chocolate brown eyes caught sight of the fear lingering in yours and his brow furrowed together. “What’s wrong?” He voiced softly, bef
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 45 12
Kid x reader the likable one [AU]
Ah, some cussing coming around the corner in the end.
Amber eyes flickered from one person to the other as they were in a conversation Kid had long time given up on. Starting about several types of animal breeds, they now were in a heated argument about why certain people should open their window and simply jump out. Kid blinked a couple of time upon hearing that statement and a grin appeared on his face. “You know it would help just as well to get rid of them when you take some rat poison and add it to their popped rice, right?” (y/n)’s finger tapped against her chin as she thought about it while stating the fact. “They would bleed from the inside out.” The brunette in front of her blinked and frowned slightly before grinning widely.
“I never thought someone like you would actually know that.” (y/n) newest of friends laughed, covering her mouth with her hand, muffling the sound a little. (y/n) merely shrugged as she took a sip of her ho
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 49 10
Mature content
Law x reader: From reality to Ahh~ *Lemon* :icondarkodama:Darkodama 79 16
Killer x reader His profession 8
You held your (e/c) orbs casted down, shielding the sight in front of you with your hair. Every yell, every scream, every whimper was blocked from your hearing. Only the hammering of your own heart and your breathing could be registered in your mind. The girl, maybe your age, screamed of bloody murder as she was locked up with you. For the first time since arriving here, you weren’t restrained and your wrists were glad about this little fact. Yelling ceased to a soft whimper before silence was taking over again. With a scoff, the girl turned around and stomped over to your sitting form, crouching down in front of you.
“Hey..” She whispered, maybe fearing that you were dead as you hadn’t moved for a while now. Her fingers brushed over your cheek, down to your chin. She tilted your head up to look at her. Her cheeks were glistering of a salty wetness. Her blue eyes looked down at you in bewilderment. “Are you okay?” She asked softly, looking over your
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 37 10
Law x reader: chanceful meetings
Dull (e/c) orbs looked ahead as the vehicles rushed past the owner, speeding up as the drivers saw the red lights turn to green with a small flicker. A yawn forced your lips apart and you quickly covered them with your hand, a squeak leaving them in the same time. A tear was formed in the corner of your eyes. Dark circles were certainly accompanying your eyes, making you look more horrible than you actually felt. Sleep came rarely and when it came, taking you in a sweet embrace, it would soon shatter into pieces. Nightmares would haunt you, shaking you to your core, leaving you a shivering mess and unwilling to close your eyes ever again.
Your hand, former enveloping your mouth, now raised the strap of your bag to hold it better on your shoulder. Your other hand held tightly onto the cup filled with caffeine to pull you through the day. It was still hot, warmth seeping from the cup to your hand as you fastened your pace to the bus stop around the corner. It had been cold for the last c
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 80 11
Mature content
Law x reader: right here :icondarkodama:Darkodama 56 26
Mature content
Kid x Reader Keep my promise :icondarkodama:Darkodama 59 8
Killer x reader His profession 7
Rustling of clothes sounded right next to your ear. The echo of steps as you moved up and down with every step in a corridor. You kept your heavy lids closed, as your breathing eased out more and more with every step, lulling you to the calmness of a light sleep. The chest your head rested on vibrated as the person hummed to itself. A tune, familiar to your alarm at every morning before this strange event, made you almost think this was all a dream. The most, horrible and bloody dream you have ever had.
“Is she asleep still?”
Another hum was the answer of the question spoken by a familiar voice. “I guess she still is.” You knew the voices. Knew both of them, but with a hazed mind, you couldn’t figure out to where they belonged yet. A sigh left your slightly parted lips as you nuzzled further into the chest, relishing into the warmth it provided. The person that carried you chuckled. A person, you had now recognized as a male. “At least she enjoys it
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 37 10
Corazon x Reader Return pt 3
“Mommy?” Tiny hands gripped your shoulders tightly. Breaths came as pants, white clouds leaving your lips. “Mom?” Fingers taking hold of your jacket you were still wearing. (e/c) orbs flitted from side to side, urging yourself to take in everything around you. “Mom!” Finally your eyes looked down to the boy still in your arms. Laboured breaths, thudding of heavy steps coming to a halt. Your chest rose and fell quickly, taking in the cold air around you. The sting in your side, something you only became aware of right now.
“Yes?” You huffed over your lips, still breathing heavily. Your arms and legs felt heavy, almost leaden.  The cold made your cheeks turn red as it cut against them. The darkness consumed every little bit of noise and speck of light. Law let go of one shoulder, pointing to something behind you. Tilting your head back, fearing that Doflamingo had followed you after all.
“Woof!” A loud bark echoed behind yo
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 17 11
Dracule Mihawk x Reader: Nightly Hunters 8
Your ears perked up a little while you still glared at the brown haired werewolf in front of you. It smelled female. Ignoring the call you got earlier you lowered your hind legs, making yourself ready to pounce. The male’s voice rang out to you again as footsteps echoed into the hallway, coming closer with every step. You felt Mihawk’s uneasiness and confused state. You didn’t attack and merely watched warily. “I don’t know her.” You told him and he looked from one wolf to the other before looking over to the male. You finally smelled the wave of his scent and looked over confused as you raised a little. (e/c) eyes locked with blue ones as you turned your head around over your shoulder. A growl build up inside of your chest before you released it dangerously towards the male. “You fucking ass.” You yelled before sprinting towards his blond form and jump on his chest, snapping at his face. The male stayed as calm as possible
:icondarkodama:Darkodama 19 2

Random Favourites

Space Invader [Neko!Levi x Reader]
Here it comes...
It approaches...
Levi twitches his tail, grey eyes peeled wide as he waits for it. He knows it would come just any moment now. Any time his lovely owner sets out for a day of cleaning her entire apartment, every nook and cranny, every blind spot, every piece of furniture, she releases one of these mysterious creatures to assist her. It’s like an alien that comes from space.
Circular with tiny blinking lights, it glides across the floor in search of its prey: dust mites, dust bunnies, old crumbs, pins, leaves, any unfortunate item left upon the floor for it to suck into its belly. Odd choice of prey, but he chases mice and birds (When he’s actually allowed to traverse into the realms of the outside world), so he couldn’t say much.
Levi knows deep down that this invader is out to take his lair from him! The way it twists and turns, nonchalantly humming as it goes.
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 569 179
Just Fluffy [Neko!Levi x Reader] [AU]
“Levi,” the threatening muffled voice emitted from the depths of the covers. “GET. OFF.”
Little paws sunk into your shoulder as your stupid, devil kitten stomped over you. “No, feed me, bitch.”
You buried your face into your pillow. “I stayed up late studying. Let me sleep.”
The tiny bundle slid down your arm and landed right next to your head. “I’m hungry. Feed me, bitch.”
You groaned. It was completely pointless arguing with the twerp anyway. He wouldn’t stop until he got his way. And just as you expected, he began batting the top of your head.
Again...and again...and again....and....again.
“Feed me, stupid,” he grumbled.
With a growl, you flipped over the covers knocking Levi over on the bed. He grunted as he fell on his back, paws up, exposing his round belly. Sighing, rubbing the sleep from your eyes and working your way out of the fog of drowsiness, you glanced down at your pet.  As you notic
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 809 230
Pokemon GO! [Trafalgar Law X reader]
You were sitting on the steps at the front porch, yawning heavily when the huge, pudgy figure popped onto the dark blue expense of your screen.
'Oh my GOD!' You let out a scream loud enough to wake up the entire neighborhood. 'A wild Snorlax has appeared! SNORLAX! CP 2015!!'
Scrambling up (there wasn't a need for that, actually, but well) you directed your phone at the Pokemon, whose huge and not very admirable figure blocked up the entire path leading up to your house, screaming the whole way through.
The Snorlax was captured within a minute; you sat back down, smiling smugly. Perks of having a Pokestop so near your house... Though it's a pity it's accessible only from the front door, not the comfort of the sofa at home.
But at least you've got one good haul tonight. Better than all the shitty Magikarps and Pidgeys that'd wasted the lure of... well, whoever was keeping it on. Someone nearby was probably quite hardcore; the pokestop had been on lure since afternoon. Not like you minded
:iconesperancelaw:Esperancelaw 72 31
Blind Date --2-- {Levi/F.Reader} request

   “So what are you doing?”
   “Shaving my legs while waiting for pizza delivery.”
   “Ew! How can you eat that?”
   “You know, they should arrest you for disrespecting the Holy Pizza.”
   “You’ll get fat if you eat that horrible concentration of fat and carbohydrates. Not to mention the effects it could have on your skin.”
   “Lucky me I don’t have to get in a dress in two months or look pretty for annoying relatives I didn’t see in ages and I barely remember of.”
   A loud sigh came from the other part of the receiver, carefully placed on the edge of the bathtub as you were almost done with waxing your legs. The phone call with your soon to be wife cousin started on work related matters, that work being you taking care of the photos of her wedding, since you were a professional and succ
:iconizahi:izahi 179 46
Law X Reader: Fox mask [2] Part 1
Your mood did not reflect the weather. The sun was shining brightly and all of the clouds ran away not to be seen till later that day. The wind was blowing your hair gently and the smell of autumn leaves had surrounded you entirely. While that day seemed very happy, you were not.
Earlier that day your brother insulted one of your friends before attempting to brake the gift that you got from him, thankfully you managed to stop him before it was too late. What was left after that scrimmage was a deep gash deep within the side of the mask’s face. What made you even more agitated was that ever since that firework night you felt as if you had a gaping hole in your chest, it was something you couldn't fill no matter how hard you tried. There was only one way, but that was completely impossible. You knew that Law would be sad if he saw you in this kind of state but you couldn't help it. You knew that Law, being a spirit could see everything that you were doing and how you were acting. B
:iconaogintsu:Aogintsu 61 16
Not a gentleman --4-- {Levi/F.Reader} victorian AU
Listen while reading: [link]

   Piano and violin notes drowned in a cacophony of chatter and giggles.
   It was the usual Saturday night at the Pixis’ mansion and, as per usual, Hanji’s continual nagging forcefully dragged you along. While voluptuous dresses rotated in kaleidoscopic motions of colours, you sat placidly in your seat in the most secluded corner of the room you could find, trying to hide from the light cast by the massive and lustrous chandeliers hanging from the beige high wood ceiling. The light colour merged with a light blue adorning the walls covered in broad paintings caged in a dark brown elaborate frame. A polished wood floor shone under your white satin shoes peeking from under the cerulean of your simple dress. Your fan was few shades lighter than your dress and the fast movement of your wrist didn’t only say ‘I am an independent woman
:iconizahi:izahi 65 25
Mature content
Genie | (AU/Lemon!) Trafalgar Law x Reader :iconxparameciax:xparameciax 146 23
Alpha!Kid x Omega!Reader: you're mine...
Loyalty, that was defined you, (Name) (Last name). When people asked what described you it was loyalty for your friends, family and ultimately your mate, it was a noble characteristic being kind and asking nothing it return but it could also mean that people used that to walk over you or basically use you.
That was what happened when a pirate crew came to your town one day shaking up the villager’s life by demanding them to bring all unmated omega girls towards their captain Eustass Kid. That’s right the Kid Pirates and their leader Captain Kid, an alpha with such an angry temper that even grown alpha’s cowered in fear of angering the captain.
The reason they wanted all the unmated omega girls was because they need a female who could keep their hideout clean, basically the household chores omega’s learned from a young age. They gave all female a fair change so to speak, they had calm down their new captain’s temper as they severed a piece of food to their
:iconalana-fox:Alana-Fox 80 10
Corazon X Reader: Shut Up
   Being undercover was awesome. You got to live the pirate life AND the marine life all in one go. To make it even better, your partner that you got to work with was none other than Rosinante, codename: Corazon. Working with him to help out with his totally demented brother Doflamingo certainly had you leading quite an interesting life; one you wold certainly brag about to your comrades back at Marineford about at least. You always got the most riveting missions, and had the most cooperative partner of whom you were quite fond of.
    Well, at least when he was silent.
    You and Corazon got a call from Sengoku to deal with something an island over real quick, so you both excused yourselves from Doflamingo’s presence with a very convincing argument to be on your way from the country of Dressrosa. You did all the talking of course while Corazon scribbled quick notes of agreement to support your argument until Doflamingo surely h
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 72 22
Dragon Trafalgar Law by rubinjuwel Dragon Trafalgar Law :iconrubinjuwel:rubinjuwel 7 9
One piece x reader 1
     The sun filtered in through the windows, the rays fanning over your comforter covered body. Having tossed and turned they now rest messily on your hips, you on your side with your (h/l) (h/c) lay messily on your pillow. When the sun histyour face your (e/c) eyes slowly opened,blinking a few times to ward off the left over sleep, you glanced at your clock letting the blurriness to fade away and let the red numbers focus.
   5:00 a.m 45 minutes before the alarm.
    You sighed, early to awaken again, you glanced down when you felt a warmth pressed against your stomach. You took in the form of a black cat, your barn cat to be exact, a black cat with light grey flecks in his fur, the specific cat somehow got into the house again.
    "Aokitty," You stroked the tom cat's head gently receiving a lazy purr in return, "you're such a lazy cat, I just hope you're catching mice at night." Without disturbing the cat too much you slipped out
:icon5anarchy:5Anarchy 73 14
Mature content
Puppy Love: Vet!ReaderxLevi: One Shot! Modern AU :iconrambo-jewsters:Rambo-Jewsters 64 53
Levi x Reader ++Kissing Booth++
“Huh?” you turn around to see Sasha waving her hands like a maniac. Her brown hair swishing rapidly from left to right, looking as if her head would fly off any second with the movement. 
“Hey! (y/n) I need your help! It's reaaaaally important!” Sasha remarks as she points to a sign above her head. 
She was in a small shack which was located right beside the training field. The shack itself was pink with ugly shaped hearts all over it. There were signs placed lazily around it too. It looked like something even a five year old could have done better on decorating.
You hesitate to walk towards her. 'Should I be a good friend... hmmmm. To be? Or not to be? That is the question.'
“Awwww come on! It's worth it!” Sasha yells, pulling you out of your weird Shakespeare monologue thing. (I blame Armin for this.)
'Eh, okay sure why not', you finally agree to yourself. You walk towards her nonchalantly, not a care in
:iconintrovertnarwhal:IntrovertNarwhal 970 193
Lance Corporal (First)?! (Jealous?Levi x Reader)P2
A/N: Wow, I never thought that this story would get so much positive feedback! I am glad you all are liking it so far! I know I sure am XD Remember, the reader was switched into Levi's body, and Levi was switched into the reader's body. What is in italics is a flashback.

Chapter 2:

"Relax, it's just me, Hanji! I take it you are enjoying the switch?"
You smirked. "Maybe."
Hanji's gaze travelled to your pants. "Is there a certain reason why you look like you're about to fist yourself?"
Laughing nervously, you quickly zipped up your pants. "I gave myself a boner just by looking in the mirror" you explained. Hanji cackled like an evil witch. "What?! You expect me to see this masterpiece in the mirror and not drool?"
"Well, I don't blame you. I am pretty sure most girls would have that reaction after waking up in his body and seeing it in the mirror."
" know I am going to act completely out of order today, right?"
"I don't think that's the best idea. Levi doesn'
:iconmurfpie156:MurfPie156 109 62
Shooting Star (Levi x Neko!Reader) [Chapter 11]
(Inspired by: Shooting Star)
Broken Hearts and Busted Heads
(Songstamp: Skies of Skaia)
    You sat upon to rooftop of Annie's "home," looking out over the forest with a dull expression in your eyes. She didn't talk to you much, neither did you attempt to make conversation with her. You held out your hand to the sky above you, wishing that instead of cat ears you had wings you could use to fly far away. Maybe you could see the "ocean" you had heard of from Armin, or just fly alongside the birds in the sky. 
    A clenched hand with sharp nails brought you back to reality as you scratched your palm. Only one cut drew blood as the others just allowed a wound to surface. You rubbed your eyes which had grown wet with tears and returned to staring at the trees. There was nothing to bother you out in the wilderness, except for the o
:iconswordsnipersinon:SwordSniperSinon 77 88
So.. I actually should have done this sooner as I expect this to help me to write and submit more regular every other day. As some of you (my dearest readers) have requested quite some stories along of the way until now, I have put these pairings down below. No idea how I will name these one shots/stories yet, but I still hope it will be enjoyable. Note: This list will shift around and be updated constantly

Current One Shots:

Bullet; Blue Killer x reader

Bullet; Blue Kid x reader Safe you

Future One Shots:

Bullet; Red ?? x reader (prompt by PirateQueenD) (Could become a longer story though)

Bullet; Red Trébol x reader (? requested)

Bullet; Red Pica x reader (requested)

Bullet; Red Gale x Son!reader (requested)

Bullet; Red Kid x child!reader: that damn brat

Bullet; Red Law x reader: (soulmate) fading ink (done)

Bullet; Red Kid or Killer x reader: angel of darkness

Bullet; Red Ace x reader (soulmate) your power, my life

Bullet; Red  Sabo x reader (request) (done)

(Sequel to: 

Bullet; Red Daz bones x reader: Boss' daughter (3? Lemon? requested)

Bullet; Red Law x reader: Dreams to reality (done)

Bullet; Red Kid x Reader: Paralyzed pt. 3 requested

Bullet; Red Feline problems lemon requested

Bullet; Red Chanceful meetings (working on))

Current Series:

Bullet; Orange Mihawk x reader: Nightly hunters

Bullet; Orange Law x reader x Kid: Catproblems (15)

Bullet; Orange Various x reader: A girl of interest (11)

Bullet; Orange Killer x reader: his profession (10)

Bullet; Orange Corazon x reader: return (4 last)

Future Series:

Bullet; Purple Levi x reader: Someone

Bullet; Purple Corazon x reader: Running time

Bullet; Purple Law x reader: A new start (after Corazon x reader)

Possible Future Series:

Bullet; Green Kid x reader: sequel to Bombs, bombs everywhere

Things I Have Vague Ideas For and Would Like to Write Some Time:

Bullet; Yellow Levi x reader

Bullet; Yellow Kuroo Tetsurou x reader: (soulmate?) difficult

Bullet; Yellow LawxReaderxKidxLuffy: college boys

Bullet; Yellow Kid x reader: aviator boy

Bullet; Yellow Kid x reader: that smile

Bullet; Yellow Kid x reader: last dance

Bullet; Yellow Law x reader x Chopper: study-dates

Bullet; Yellow Law x reader x Rosinante: my waiters

Bullet; Yellow Killer x reader: one too many

Bullet; Yellow Law x reader: just a blush

Bullet; Yellow Rosinante x reader: drink up

*Note: if you've asked me to write a story for you and it isn't submitted up here, please comment and I'll fix it.
My document with requests had been deleated suddenly and I lost everything Q.Q

I hope you have some insight in my plans and maybe my thoughts and may like them (hehe..)

Love you all, my dearies~  
Have a nice day ^-^


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